Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Here is the brief overview of terms and conditions that everyone has to follow. If anyone will violate the rules and regulations, admins have the right to remove the published content.

Limited access rules

We have given you the limited access to publish the articles in our website so kindly follow the rules of publishing the material.


Kindly only publish your own unique content don’t publish content containing plagiarism, adult content, sexual education, and any content that is irrelevant. If you will not follow the instructions, we will delete your content without any notice. Don’t spam on the website, only write the quality content. Don’t give links of spammy websites in your blog.

Write the right and to the point content that gives benefits to the readers. It

means that some writer only writes 200 or 300 words and at the end or at any point they give the link of their website, don’t do such things. The purpose of this site is to give help to people all around the world in different fields of life with the help of right guidelines.  

Linking of Sites

We always welcome the links that help the readers. For example if any author uploads a content about technology and give a link to a site that gives more help, we will appreciate it. On the other hand, if any author will write about restricted content such as sexual content and will give the link of their website, it will be removed.  

Unique Content

Post the content that is your own, if anyone will copy and paste the content from any other site only for the purpose of linking, it will be removed.  

Criteria of publishing of content

Here are some important points that every author should keep in mind while posting the articles. Don’t post content consisting of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes. If there will be spell mistakes in your content it means that you don’t give enough time to writing the content we will discourage this type of posts. Only give us the content that is related to the categories of the website, we will not accept the content that will not relate with any of our topics, no matter how good your writing is.

Read out carefully all the above instructions before publishing your content on this website. It will help both of us in saving the time of both of us.