Security in development is a basic concern for everyone. As demonstrated by the World Health Organization, road traffic wounds caused a normal 1.25 million spending worldwide consistently. Furthermore, generally, mishaps happen at evening. 

In this way, all things considered, it may be not seen others than the casualty who can’t call some crisis administrations without anyone else and doesn’t find support at the opportune time. 


Yet, this framework causes in giving help to the casualty at the ideal time. Street wounds are normal in numerous nations including my own nation. Normally in our nations, the survivor of street mishaps doesn’t get enough consideration from others and is likewise incapable to call for help without anyone else. This is the explanation he can’t find support at the perfect time. 

However, with the assistance of this framework, an admonition message is sent naturally to the crisis administrations which contains the genuine mishap’s area and time. This message is sent by a particular gadget that is fixed in a vehicle. It is shipped off the crisis organizations so they can come desperately to the mishap and spare the life of the casualty at an opportune time. 

Thus, after all the perceptions and examination made on this framework, we reach to the resolution that this AUTO ACCIDENT DETECTION SYSTEM is a helpful programming. Which utilizes the IoT for vehicle mishap identification and disturbing the specialists with respect to mishaps, vehicle following utilizing GPS Modem. Subsequently IoT can reform the manner in which the framework associates and react to the assortment of utilizations particularly on account of traffic signal.