Privacy Policy

In this page there is a brief description of our privacy policy, it is mandatory for all the users who want to use this website to agree on privacy policy. Here by using the website we may ask for information like name and email. It is mentioned here that if you will use our website you will have to give personal information if required and you will give to us without any protestation.

Data gathering and its use

We take different types of data to enhance the user experience.

Kind of data we gather

Here at thearticlecenter at some points you may have to give us your mail identification that we will use to reach to you or for your identification.

Time that you will spend on our website from where you have accessed our website and how many WebPages of our website you have visited.


At thearticlecenter cookies are used to view the activities of all the users that visit the website. It is up to the user whether he allows or refuses the cookies to enter into the Browser or not but if anyone will deny, he will not be able to use all parts of the website.  

Data usage

Give you the best service and enhance the quality of service.

Inform you if any change occurs in our services.

Contact the users to give them support.

To analyze the activities.

To solve the technical problems.

Information exchange

Our team takes necessary steps to secure the data that any users provide to us. Your data will not be given to any third person, unless there are adequate controls in place including the security of your data and other personal information. If any law enforcement agency  will ask for the data we will give it to the agency.

Your privacy

Your privacy is very important for us and we take necessary steps to secure your data, on the internet nothing is secure so we are not giving you the full guarantee of the security of your data.

Third party

We may use any third party to give you the best services, so we will allow them to use this data that you provide to us on this condition that they will not give to anyone. 

Other site links

If you will redirect to any other website, by clicking on any link from our website it means that now you are on another website. Read out carefully the policy of that website.

Contact us

If you have any queries related to this policy of having any other point you want to clear, you can contact us at any time without any hesitation You can contact us simply by sending us an email. Our team will contact you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.