Why Child Dental Benefit Is Important?

Your child is the apple of your eye. It is your responsibility to nurture him/her well so that there are no complications in future. Children playing along with child upbringing is not an easy task. It is a challenging task to maintain all the requirements regarding your child’s health.

Right from childhood, it is important to monitor every organ of their body whether they are functioning well or not. Among all the other organs, teeth have an important place in a child’s early development. It is important to monitor your baby’s teeth as soon as they tend to appear.

Visiting the dentist should be your priority as a part of a good dental regime. The best thing about the Australian government is that they have paid sufficient attention to cover the basics within the age of 2 to 17.

Child Dental Benefit Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule popularly known as CDBS comes under the specialised scheme of Medicare. It tends to provide child dental benefit to children up to $1000 over 2 calendar years. With a range of benefits for the children, it also applies to families who are receiving benefits like Family Tax Benefit Payments. 

In case your child is eligible for the CDBS system, he /she can claim for the child dental benefit. It covers routine dental services like cleaning, checkups, repairing cracked teeth, etc. However, the regime does not cover orthodontic treatment which covers braces for strengthening or straightening the cracked teeth.

Also, it doesn’t cover cosmetic dental surgery such as replacing missing teeth etc. Not all can claim the eligibility Canberra and not all dentists can perform services under the CDBS. Make sure you make your own research while proceeding for the dentist appointment.

Eligibility For CDBS

Every benefit scheme has some associated eligibility criteria for the same. CDBS is also not an exception and has certain rules and regulations. The CDBS is for the children within the bracket of age 2 to 17. It is a scheme supported by Medicare. Under this scheme, the benefits are as follows-

  • Carer Payment
  • Support Scheme For Disable
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
  • Parenting Payment
  • Allowances For The Youth
  • Helping under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme(VCES) if the child’s age is 16 to 17 years. 
  • The Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education also comes under the helping regime of CDBS, if the child attains the age of 16 to 17 years.

In some circumstances, CDBS payments are also reimbursed to guardians, parents, or approved care organisations. Eligibility for the same can be processed initially at the starting of the year. Your child needs to be eligible for the requirements at least one day of the year. 

They will kind of receive payment for the whole year. Any sum of money which you don’t spend in the initial year will be carried forward to the second year. For eligibility criteria of the dental child benefit, you can refer to the official website.

Public Vs Private

Children receiving CDBS payment need to consult the public dental clinic. The reimbursement will be bulk-billed, and there is no option for out of pocket costing. However, you can make use of CDBS payments for treatment at a private dentist. You need to consider some out of the pocket cost if you prefer a private dentist. Make sure you understand the procedure correctly so that no additional task is to perform. Your dentist also needs to explain the expenses before you start the treatment. Also, your dentist can do a research on whether your child qualifies for CDBS payments.

Helping your child to have good healthy habits need to be your topmost priority. Even though dental care eligibility Canberra is there, but it is important to set the stage properly throughout their entire life. 

Oral health should not be ignored at any cost. Keeping proper care of your health can help you avoid problems of gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. Regular dental visits can help significantly as the overall health is in check. Access to proper dental care can prevent cavities with early treatment or prevention. For more details regarding teeth grinding or clenching, you can refer to Molonglo dental care where your dental hygiene is their priority. They are there to advise you well with all your dental queries.