Stress Management: 5 Proven Relaxation Techniques

Stress Management is proven psychology where the individual focuses their mind on calming their body. It is usual for a human being to be irritated over a conversation or the ambience he is surrounded by. The stress floods the body with all the hormones making your heart pound, muscle tense, and breathing speeding up.

The stress response is considered a normal reaction since ancient times. Earlier, it was being used as a survival instinct against floods or animal attacks. However, we don’t face any such threats nowadays, but the daily challenges add up to the same thing. We must avoid stress as much as possible; however, avoiding it all is not possible.

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Mentioned below are proven techniques to calm down our mind:

Focusing on Breath:

With its attention on fill rinse breaths, deep breathing is an easy yet robust relaxation method. As cliché as it sounds, this is the most powerful technique to calm our minds. As one takes a breath, they cut out all the negative thoughts in this world and align themselves against all such thoughts. While using this technique, one must take slow and long breaths, also known as belly breathing. It is an effective strategy for individuals with an eating disorder.

The Process of deep breathing:

  • Keep your back straight and sit comfortably. Put one hand on your stomach and other on your chest.
  • Take breath from your nose so that the hand on the stomach should rise while the hand on the chest should move a bit.
  • Breathe out through your mouth. The hand on your stomach should move in as you exhale, but your other hand should move very little.

Repetitive Prayer:

It might sound awesome to someone who believes in spirituality and religion. Well, the others need to understand the positivity involved in this technique. Quoting a small phrase from a long prayer every day can add to positivity in life, which can help one avoid all the little instances that can be stressful.


Everybody has their form of physical exercise. Some prefer gymnastics, while others prefer running for 3-4 miles every day. Yoga is an ancient form of training where the mind focuses on slow breathing and increases the flexibility and balance in the body. With Yoga, one can concentrate on a particular activity (like breathing during Yoga) and avoid all the racing thoughts that distract the mind.


A very powerful practice that involves an individual being comfortable, focusing on breathing, and thinking about one particular achievement they want. The individual has to focus on the activity without drifting apart from the mission. As per the research, meditation can help a person deal with depression, pain, and anxiety.

Body Scanning:

To ensure this technique works for an individual, that person needs to focus on one activity. If he is distracted easily, then body scanning can be a challenging journey. In this technique, an individual has to slow down his breath and focus on one part of the human body and find stress. Now, he needs to relax the body part and release all the stress there. With this, the mind-body connection can be improved, and therefore, one can also enhance his reflex actions.