People like to listen to music while we move in our vehicle. But not always any type of music style is recommended for traveling by car. There are some styles of music that are not recommended for driving, as they can negatively influence our mood. And the most important thing when driving is to pay attention to the road.

What styles are worst to drive?

Rock is a type of music that is not recommended for traveling by car. What’s more, there are studies that confirm that whoever listens to this music while driving is more likely to have an accident.

Other styles, although they may seem calmer, are just as dangerous, such as jazz. Drivers stop paying attention to the road to focus on music, since this style requires it, and therefore they can be involved in a traffic violation or accident.

Classical or pop music are recommended, as they inspire greater relaxation in drivers. In short, rock or heavy music tends to cause drivers to accelerate or drive more aggressively, with the consequences that it can imply. While pop music relaxes and hardly interferes with driving.

Choosing the best music for traveling, especially on morning commutes, can help the driver’s mood, even keeping it two hours later. Music depending on the style does not have to be negative, but quite the opposite and this research was done by auto for trade.

You have to know that you should never wear headphones while driving. Ideally, get your music list ready before you get going. Also, you should not turn the volume too high. And very important: if you notice that the music is distracting you and is reducing your concentration on the road, turn it off immediately.

What music to travel by car does the DGT recommend us?

The General Directorate of Traffic has a website where it provides a list of the best songs to listen to while driving. Most are current hits, but there are also old mythical songs.

One of the favorite songs and most listened to at the wheel, is the famous “Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres. But the list incorporates many more songs and of different genres. Another much loved song is that of “Ama y broaden el alma” by the Extremoduro group. There is a song that is most listened to, which has a somewhat curious lyrics, “The slit of your skirt”, which even speaking of distractions at the wheel, is one of the most listened to by drivers.

There are also other types of music to travel by car in this list, songs such as the “When departing” by the great Nino Bravo or the famous song by Fito and Fitipaldis “By the mouth lives the fish”.

Other lyrics that also speak of the road, such as Sabina’s “Pisa el accelerador” or “Camino a Soria” by Caligari.

But if there is an ideal song to listen to while driving, it is that of “Happy” by Williams. This song makes us relax when, for example, we are stuck in traffic. You already know what genres, even what songs you can afford to listen to while driving. Now it’s your turn: At Auto For Trade we would like to know what you listen to, so. Tell us what your favorite music to travel by car is!

Billy Allen

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