Top 10 locations for a great moonsoon holiday in Igatpuri

Set around the beautification of green hills from all sides, this Igatpuri will make your visit with your loved ones a fast escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The rainy season at this mountain resort features the Vaitarna Dam, the Tringalwadi Fort, the Kalsubai Peak, Dhammagiri Temple, Amrutehwar Lake, Madangad Mountain, Karoli Ghat, the Camel Valley and so many more exotic areas. You’ll also find many other picnic sites, particularly in the moonsoon, near Igatpuri. 

Vaitarna Dam

Near Jen-Jon-Lake-Vaitrana, when the rain falls, Vaitarna Dam gives a majestic view. At that time, it is even more special that it stands on the banks of this dam and observes numerous events such as fishing, bird watching, boating, children playing nearby. The best time to visit this location from June to mid-September is the place surrounded by the green canopy of nature.

Kalsubai Peak

The greatest bliss you can get when watching nature get drunk in the rain from nearby lands is and Kalsubai trek is where you can feel it. This is one of the most prominent Igatpuri sites to visit, also the highest peak in Maharashtra, where the mountains are situated in the Sahyadri range near Kalsubai Harishchandragad Sanctuary.

Tringalwadi Fort

The Tringalwadi Fort was believed to be founded at an altitude of 3000 feet in the 10th century. This is the best spot for walkers and trekkers who come here to see the enchanting view from this castle to the Kulang Mountains. The view is even more stunning in the rainy season and you can also visit Talegaon Lake, which is located a few kilometers.

Amruteshwar Temple

Amruteshwar Temple is a 1200-year-old former Shiva Temple situated in Igatpuri and held by the archaeological inspection of India. Another draw of tourists lies in the stone sculpted architecture, the ceiling, and the walls of the temple with a beautiful wall and pillars with beautifully sculpted statues and floors.

Sandhan Valley

In the Sahyadri area, the Sandhan Valley, also known as “The Great Canyon of Maharashtra.” This is the location where the gorge, the valley, and nothing less than heaven have coincided. Monsoon is the best time to visit the Sandhan Valley for adventure enthusiasts because it can be challenging and enjoyable. This location is a must-visit to Igatpuri and is surrounded by so many mountain ranges such as Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ajoba, and Ratangad.

Darna Dam

This place should certainly be listed when it comes to famous Igatpuri places to visit. In 1916 Darna Dam was constructed by the British government, which looks hypocritical in the rain as the greenery spread across the region during the mountain and the lake flows in its quick movement making it a magnificent view. The natural aspects of this place are very popular in Igatpuri.

Camel Valley

The sight of the waterfalls near the valley and the lush greenery situated a few kilometers ahead of the Bhatsa River valley looks clever during the moonsoon. Camel Valley is a must-see in Igatpuri because nature lovers will find it worth investing in their time in scenic beauty and for adventure fans, some adventure sports activities such as crossing the river and rafting are arranged to make their trip too great.

Madangad Mountain

Located in the Range of Kalsubai, Madangad is a popular place to visit in Igatpuri and is renowned for its fortress. The mountains are about 4,700 ft high, and you can experience a thrilling adventure around the Sahyadri Range. The elegance of the thick forest surrounding the mountain is also the best aspect of visiting this site in the rainy season. While it can be a bit difficult to trek in the rain, the beauty is worth visiting in this place allover.

Karoli Ghat

Long mission journeys are like a divine experience and driving to Karoli Ghat would make you entertained because of the natural beauty you will be able to see during the trip. You can also choose to walk about 2 hours before finishing the path and hitting the peak once you’re there. The road and greenery are worth the journey and is, therefore, one of Igatpuri’s famous tourists.

Talegaon Lake

Talegaon Lake is one of the most beautiful places you can visit in Igatpuri, where you can spend quality time with others nearby. The place offers a picturesque view of the hilly area. This is the place to get very close to nature, with the pool, the mountains, and the open sky around.

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