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Some people also love to do challenging things such as trekking because this is the ideal way for adventurous activities to get closer to nature. Monsoon trekking is the favorite time when the weather is perfect and with the presence of mountains, hills, wilderness, and thick forests, it looks more appealing. Pune has several hiking destinations in which it is easy to find and difficult to trek. You can enjoy the amazing views of the city there. See below for places to go for an excellent weekend in the vicinity of Pune.

Trekking in Pune 

Rajmachi Trek

Rajmachi trekking Pune is one of the favorite walking destinations for most Indians located at a distance of 82 km from Pune. Monsoon is Rajmachi’s best time to hike. It feels amazing when you walk through the thick forest and you see forts such as Shrivardhan and Manaranjan. It is one of Lonavala’s best places to visit and visit every visitor. Take a 15 km walking distance from Lonavala Station and rejuvenate yourself for all your concerns. The journey from Rajmachi to the caves of Kondhane takes three to four hours.

Matheran Trekking

It is 125 km from Pune, where the most beautiful landscape views are offered by the Matheran Trekking Pune. Most trekking enthusiasts come to this beautiful place to reach the point Garbett and experience their best route. Upon reaching the top, you’ll have an enchanting view of different cascades, mountains, and lush meadows. From Garbut Point, the spectacular sunset and sunrise are easily seen. It takes 1 day to cover the entire trip.

Vasota Fort Trek

Fort Vasota sits at 1171 m in the vicinity of the village of Bamnoli in the district of Satara. Vasota Fort Trek is very interesting surrounded by deep forests and valleys of Konya Wildlife Sanctuary and passes by steep hills as well as the popular Maharashtra walking spot. The trek can be completed within 1 day and on the three sides of the fort, you can visit Shivsagar Lake. Get to the Nageshwar Grotto from the fort that takes 2 hours to walk. The key highlight to complete the trek is the rock climb, the mountaineering, and the enchanting views of Kas Mahabaleshwar from the top of the fort.

Lohagad Trek

The Lohagad Trek is one of the most beautiful treks where the views of the surroundings are very breathtaking, near Pune City in Lohagadwadi Village. Lohagad’s natural beauty trail from Malwai Railway Station is easily available. The tour can be finished within 2 hours and a half, and in the monsoon, it is very well known for the locals. If you are a first-time hiking tourist, this is the ideal option for you to hike with no problems.

Raigad Fort Trek

Raigad Trek is Pune’s easiest walk at a distance of 54 km from Pune. Raigad Fort is a famous place in Maharastra state, where legends spend many beautiful hours. About 1500 steps to the fort are required for a lot of combat. The fort is surrounded by the thick and more fascinating woods on the hike. When you arrive, the magnificent architecture of the fort provides you with comfort. This is one of Pune’s best trekking spots to complete in just one day.

Kalsubai Peak Trek

Kalsubai Peak Trek is located between June and September at a distance of 180 km from Pune. The Kalsubai mountain sits at an altitude of 1646 meters and stands at Maharashtra’s highest peak. The view from the top is superb and gives a fantastic view of the nearby Bhandardara Dam and forts. The walk can be done in 2 days at least. It will be your best hike, as walking in the clouds is the ultimate experience in Pune that can be completed in one day, with a great cool breeze.

Korigad Fort Trek

It’s a beautiful fort close to Pune, close to Lonavala hilltop. This trek is perfect for beginners, with an incredible view of mountains, wetlands, pools, caves, and a couple of temples, where you can appreciate architecture. Book your flights to Pune or reach Lonavala Train Station to hike through the stronghold and start the 1-2 hour ride to this beautiful fort.

Peb Vikatghad Trek

Vikatghat Peb Fort Trek is a must-do near Pune, located 117 km from Pune. It is a one day trek near Mumbai, and the fort is 2100 feet high. The castle is made of caves and temples to enter through a chamber of meditation. After two hours of trekking through cliffs, wilderness, rivers, and trees, the view from the highest point is superb and more interesting. The trek is mild, and its highest point can easily be reached.

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