A Mesmerizing Experience Shilaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort

Shilhaandara Resort tops the list of adventurous and captivating tourist places in Bangalore. Situated at the foothills of Ramanagara rocks, the resort is roughly 55km from the main city. The heritage of the Shilhaandara Resort is the backbone of its existence. A luxury stay amidst the lush greenery outside the city will leave you completely speechless and in awe. Apart from being a relaxing trip, make it interesting and adventurous with the several activities you can indulge in! Quad biking, paintball, rope walking, and all sorts of indoor games, outdoor games will keep your adrenaline-raising now and then!

The Proud Heritage!

Shilhaandara has drawn inspiration from the history of ancient kingdoms. The kingdoms which ruled the grounds of Southern India are now the sole reason Shilhaandara resort is existing. One is taken back to the history of such kingdoms once you step your foot on the resort. No wonder Shilhaandara literally means rocky cavern for its architecture and location! Keeping in mind the importance of nature and India’s forgotten royal history, the Shilhaandara resort stands apart. Be its significance, the essence of adventure, you are promised of a perfect weekend getaway!

About Shilhaandara resort…

The rugged granite rock formation and the confluence of landscape, architecture, adventure altogether is all a thrill-seeker expects and such a place is awaiting you already! Belur, Halebidu sculptures, and kingdoms of Chalukya, Maurya, Kadamba, and Chola have been brought to life through the resort. The rock-themed monumental resort attracts families, corporates, travelers, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. 

What’s there in Shilhaandara resort for me?

If the above is what you are asking, then follow up on what is below! 

Adrenaline rushing Adventures!

At Shilhaandara, you are offered the best of the best when it comes to adventure games and activities. From South India’s longest zipline to board games to DJ rain dancing, check out the adventure to-do list.

  1. Quad bike
  2. Billiards
  3. Target shooting
  4. Zorbing ball
  5. Meltdown
  6. Seg Wag bike
  7. Bungee trampoline
  8. Gear bicycles
  9. Longest Rope activity (Zipline)
  10. Paintball
  11. Sweat-breaking games like Beach volleyball, cricket, cycling, tug of war, Bow & Arrow, Kite flying, and Caterpillar.

The accommodations

Now comes the interesting part of the heritage resort. Various themed rooms are just right at delivering the historical touch. 

  1. The pool room – Soumithre

What more can a luxury cottage offer other than a private swimming pool, flat-screen TV, minibar, complimentary games, and ufff, a never-ending list of amenities! Under the shadow of trees and a granite hill behind, taking a dip in the pool is worth 100% of you. 

     2.  The Jacuzzi room – Sougandhika

One can soak in the Jacuzzi and enjoy the decor and room environ. Forget all the chaos with ultra-modern amenities plus the benefit of aromatherapy. Feeling it’s too high? Never. It’s all that we deserve for the run during weekdays!

     3.  Spacious and stunning – Standard room

If you want a luxury yet simple furnished room, then standard it is! One can indulge in activities and explore the place while having a peaceful evening and sleep tight.

Now for a completely new night, the Shilhaandara resort offers you a stay under a star-lit sky! Get a private tent stay on the grassy floor, hearing the feeble chirping of grasshoppers, and listen to the murmur of the night. 

A chance to explore Ramanagara

Famously called as SholayGudda, one has a golden opportunity to explore Ramanagara. The land of the seven hills has the world’s oldest granite deposits. The rugged terrains, rocky formations, and landscape make it ideal for rock climbing, trekking, and much more. Visiting Shilhaandara Resort means a chance to visit Ramdevarabetta Vulture Sanctuary, Savandurga hills, Janapada Loka, Savandurga, and much more. Now that you know about Shilhaandara Resort, all you need is to grab the essentials and hit the road towards a blissful experience!

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