A Mesmerizing Experience Bhandardara Camping

The rolling and proud Western Ghats covers about 1600 km in over six major states from Gujarat to Tamil Nadu. A paradise for any nature lover, Western Ghats is ranked 2nd after the Himalayas. The mountain ranges have plenty of things to offer in terms of adventures, camps, trekking, and much more. 

Bhandardara Camping

Bhandardara, the holiday resort village is near Igatpuri, Maharashtra (185 km away from Mumbai). Located in the western ghats, Bhandardara camping is considered the best day-out and tourist spot for nature enthusiasts. Beautiful hills, cascading waterfalls with Wilson dam, and Arthur Lake are exceptional beauties. Bhandardara camp by the lake gives you picturesque views of the refreshing and lush Western Ghat. One can enjoy camping and experience the most of nature if planning to do a 2-day Bhandardara lakeside camping.

Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake in particular are two places to top the priority list of Bhandardara. Kalsubai, Bhandardara Lake, and Pravara River are definitely not to be missed. 

Best time to do Bhandardara camping

The ideal time to do Bhandardara camping is during winter. Summers can be exhausting by the bright heated sun though some people prefer to plan the Bhandardara around this time. During winter, the places in Bhandardara turn refreshing and lush green. Nature is at its best. The cold winds can make chills run down your spine and the fresh green vegetation can feast your eyes with its panorama. The cascading waterfalls flow fully around the monsoon season and if you wish to relax by the waters, then don’t think twice while picking up the days in the monsoon. 

What more about Bhandardara dam camping

In two days, one can explore Bhandardara as much as possible and it is the fullest. Below is a quick list of places to hit the road searching for nature.


Seize the opportunity to witness the most noteworthy pinnacle of Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai. Highest amongst the Sahyadri Range,5,400 ft mountain is the place for sightseeing and trekking. The awe-striking backdrop and hiking to the top let you break some sweat and stretch your body. On one side of Kalsabai, Konkan Kada and Harishchandragad are some unexplored parts of nature.

 Arthur Lake

You can indulge in boating, sightseeing, and walking by the banks of the tranquil, vast spread Arthur lake. To enjoy the tranquility and feel the chill wind hitting your face is not something we see every day but when you do, it is best to soak 100% in it. The most visited tourist spot in Bhandardara, the lake offers you a relaxing time. Encircled by mist-covered mountains and rolling grasslands, your reason to do Bhandardara camping is not appreciable!

Randha Fall

Now comes the adventurous part of your Bhandardara camping! Kayaking and relaxing by an elegant waterfall of Bhandardara will sweep you right off your feet just by the sight of it! The 170 ft tall fall is a waterfall of the Pravara River. Hit the waterfall during the monsoon for the best relaxing-by-a-waterfall experience. About 10 km away from Shendi Town, one can opt to visit the fall in a calm relaxing evening. 

Umbrella Falls

One other majestic falls are right under the Wilson Dam. The shape of the water is the sole reason for its name. The huge breathtaking waterfall should be ticked off on your stroll in Bhandardara. Feel the Sprinkles on your face and the sound of the water falling is the melody of the hour!

Wilson Dam

Comes the final climax! The Wilson Dam is the source of every major stream in Bhandardara. The enthralling sight of dense greenery and the environment of hills and mist is absolutely awe-inspiring. Visiting with family or friends, Wilson Dam deserves you to enjoy its gifts!

Agastya Rishi Ashram

The renowned Ashram and its serene surroundings allow you to soak in spirituality and inner peace. The legendary Ramayana mentions the Agastya Rishi Ashram. It is believed that Lord Ram and Lakshman sought the blessing of Agastya Rishi right in this Ashram. 

Amruteshwar Temple Ratanwadi, Backwaters around Samrad Village, Ratangad Fort, Bahuli Dam, and Bhavli Waterfall are some peculiar places to visit while camping at bhandardara. All you need is to pack your essentials, pick some inmates on your way and spend a solid of two days camping at Bhandardara. 

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