Stüssy x Nike Air Force 1 Low release date?

After the Air Zoom Spiridon Kukini and a range of collaborative clothing products announced late last month, the craze for Stüssy and Nike hasn’t faded. announced late last month, this time the Internet is again revealing a pair of Air Force 1 shoes. From the spy photos you can see the application of the design. The neutral light brown tone, and the use of hemp woven fabrics to create the upper, the iconic Swoosh Logo also adds middle stitching for extra detail, the tongue label is injected with both the brand logo and New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London the five cities of Paris symbolize the identity.

Stüssy x Nike Air Force 1 Low

There is no exact news yet on the sale of this shoe, but it will be released in September 2020. Interested friends should follow THE MIX LAND for more information.

The United States in the last century was a country with a strong cultural outlook of all times. And in the 1960s, where it was filled with rock music, hippie music, and all kinds of illegal drugs, it was often called Generation Beat. The patriarch “wave” of today’s trend culture was born – Shawn Stüssy.

The reason he is called the “wave” is because Shawn Stüssy was born in Huntington Beach, Southern California, USA in 1958, and is also known as “Surf City” (Surf City). True to its name, this coastal city on the west coast of the United States and stretches for 15.3 kilometers is the most famous surfing mecca in the West. The so-called “mountains and rivers condense heroic spirit, all things are enlightened by humanity.” It was the sound of waves hitting the reef every day that made him have a unique love for surfing; the surf culture of the west coast also grew in the surf culture of the west coast, which continues to this day in his works, except for his aesthetic level. Furthermore, spirituality.


With the success of Stüssy and its continued spread to all parts of the world, New York, London, Tokyo and the fashion pioneers of other regions are all linked. Stüssy’s design was inspired by international musicians, extreme sports, DJs and artists with similar or similar interests, which also made Stüssy an international street pioneer on Global.

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