Know These 3 Body Types To Pick The Right Shirts For You

Did you know that wearing shirts according to your body type could make them a perfect fit? For example, men with a heavy build and broad shoulders can look leaner and taller if they wear shirts based on their body type. Everybody knows that well-fitted shirts make a lasting impression and fashion experts keep suggesting the same. However, how many people know their specific body type and buy apparel that does justice to it?

Not just bespoke or tailored shirts, these days, even readymade linen shirts for men come with a regular fit, slim fit, and loose fit considering different body types. Premium linen shirts made from fibers like European Flax are now in vogue and many fashion-conscious men are adding them to their wardrobe for impact dressing in everyday life or on special occasions. In this post, we explore men’s three common body types and the perfect dressing style for each of them. If you regularly wear shirts to work or gatherings, selecting those outfits suitable for your body type, will make the outcome much better.

Three Different Body Types
In the 1940s, Dr. William H. Sheldon came up with a theory on human body types. The theory states that there are three main human somatotypes or body types: the ectomorph, the mesomorph, and the endomorph.

Mesomorph Athletic Shirt

1. Ectomorph: Skinny

Ectomorphs are typical skinny men with a thin build, lean muscles, and small joints. They usually have longer and thinner limbs and shoulders with little width. Some of the traits Ectomorphs have in common are:

  • Thin
  • Flat chest
  • Small shoulder
  • Hard to gain weight
  • Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Fast metabolism
  • Classic “hard gainer.”

If you fall into this category, the challenge is to wear something that adds bulk to your body. Avoid clothes that make you look thin. Instead, wear little loose linen shirts for men that will give your shoulders a bulky look and create an impression of broader shoulders and a fuller chest.

2. Mesomorph: Athletic

Mesomorphs are naturally strong, have an athletic physique with large muscles, and bone structure. Their shoulders are wider than their hips, and they may have a small waist, along with a natural V-shaped body. Mesomorphs tend to gain and lose weight fast. Some of the typical traits of a Mesomorph include:

Seemingly rectangular body shape
Tone muscles
Gains muscles easily
Puts on weight easily
Hard body.

Mesomorphs should wear slim-fit linen shirts for men and jackets that hug their waist and are wider at the shoulders. Usually, dark colours and tones work better for them. The only thing that they should avoid is droopy or baggy clothing.

Endomorph Soft Shirt

3. Endomorph: Soft

Endomorphs have a solid build with very little to no indentation at the waist. They have a short and sturdy build with bulky arms and legs. Their upper or thigh muscles are strong that makes it easy for them to do leg exercises such as squats. Endomorphs tend to gain weight easily but lose it as fast, and that is why they need to be careful about their eating habits. A few key features of an Endomorph are below:

Round physique
Soft muscles
Puts on weight quite easily
“Stocky” build
Slow metabolism
Struggles to lose fat
Untoned muscles.

Endomorphs should ideally wear simple shirts and jackets that de-emphasize their top-heavy figure. They should also embrace clothing such as shoulder-padded and double-breasted jackets that draw attention towards their shoulders, distracting it away from the center of the torso. They would look better wearing trimmed, not tight trousers. Lastly, they need to avoid wearing contrasting bold colours and rather, wear a single colour or tones of a single colour family.

The Basic rule while buying a perfect-fit shirt
The most crucial factor or rule to keep in mind is to get shirts with perfect shoulder fitting, as baggy shoulders will make you look slouch and with a seemingly bad posture. The next factor to check is the body fit. A shirt may appear to have a proper fitting but if it looks like the buttons may pop when you sit down, then maybe it is too tight for you. Choosing a shirt with the right collar is also the key to finding a perfect-fit shirt.

Choosing shirts with the right fit, design, patterns, and colours
Choose classic fit linen shirts for men with nearly 4 inches more than your body measurement. In the case of slim-fit shirts, pick 2.5-3 inches more than your measurements and for regular fit around 3-3.5 inches more than your body measurement.

If you have the Mesomorph or inverted V-shaped body, you can opt for slim-fits, and choose apple cut shirts. If you have the Endomorph or round body shape, regular or straight cut shirts. If you are skinny, relatively loose fit shirts are ideal.

When it comes to colours, men with darker skin tones can go for bright colours, while those with light or fair skin tone, can pick all colours. If you have a broad neck, you can pick a club or Chinese collars. If you have a short neck, choose a shirt with a small collar, and for a long neck, large collars are fine. If your height is on the shorter side, a striped shirt will give an impression of a taller frame. If you are tall, a check shirt will make you appear stunted.

There is nothing as comfortable as wearing something that perfectly fits your body. This is the reason it all boils down to fitting and fabric. If you are one of those meticulous men who pay attention to every little aspect of the way they dress up, then you should explore a rich collection of premium quality shirts. Get in touch with the Linen Club, your readymade clothing expert today for some of the best linen shirts for men with amazing variety.

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