How To Take Care Of Blonde Hair

Naturally blonde hair is quite a difficult thing to take care of – as it is often very fine and if you don’t really take care of it then it can easily lose its natural shine and become very dry and brittle. And most people don’t want to talk about dyed blond hair either – it’s hard work to get your hair exactly the same colour as your head so it can take a long time to achieve that beautiful, natural colour and is incredibly hard to keep that same colour. If you have naturally very dark hair then having this type of hair may seem more practical, but it can actually be much harder to take care of.

Easy to Damage Hair

The first problem with blond hair is that it’s extremely easy to damage, especially when it’s wet and when brushing it. In order to get the best results out of hair straightening you need to keep your hair dry and then brush it in sections and allow it to air dry, which will help to lock in the natural moisture.

Blow Dry your Hair

If your hair is wet, then you need to use a blow dryer to dry it as quickly as possible. If you’re using a blow dryer on dry hair then you will probably want to use a brush or a comb to remove excess moisture. You should use some form of fudge purple shampoo for hair that is too oily – you don’t want to end up with greasy hair, so make sure you use a shampoo specifically designed for oily hair. If you are looking to take out the shine then you can add some moisturizer to your hair too, but again make sure you do this very gently.

Natural Blonde

It may seem a little odd to think that it’s actually more difficult to take care of your hair when you are naturally blonde, but once you start to notice the difference in the appearance of your hair then you’ll quickly understand what I’m talking about. Even blonde-haired men often suffer from greasy, limp and lifeless looking hair, which is actually much worse than having naturally fine hair, because you will soon start to see all the damage that has been done to your hair!

Wash your Hair Properly

To stop your hair being greasy then you need to make sure you wash it properly – there are two different types of shampoo available to suit each hair type – and you can buy them at almost any supermarket. However, if your hair isn’t so dry, you can usually just use a good quality conditioner and leave it to soak through your locks. If you use the wrong type of conditioner then you can damage the root of the hair too.

Brush your Hair Twice a Week

To make sure your hair is well oiled, you need to make sure that you give it a good brushing twice a week, which means not just on the ends but on all areas of the hair. This will help to ensure that your locks stay in great condition. If you are going to brush your hair, then you need to make sure that you don’t use too many different kinds of brush and make sure that you don’t get the brush too close to your scalp or to other parts of your hair – you also need to make sure that you brush with short strokes or you will be damaging the roots and causing split ends.

Keep your Hair Dry and Well Conditioned

Make sure that you keep your hair dry and well conditioned – and I can’t stress enough how important that is – because if you let it sit in water for too long then your roots will soak through and you won’t be able to shampoo them, which can cause breakage and hair loss. You should try and avoid hot water when taking a bath because this will cause damage to your scalp and make it more difficult to moisturize your hair as well.

Final Words

The above are some of the things that will help you learn how to take care of blonde hair, but as you learn more you will soon realise that there are many more that are important. As with any kind of hair you must make sure that you get the best quality hair products and use a wide variety of different kinds of shampoo so that your hair stays healthy and strong and shiny for as long as possible.