5 + the best Air Jordan shoes you should buy

Up to the present time, Jordan Brand has launched 34 generations of Air Jordan with different styles and materials. However, with later generations showing the “drowning” in terms of creativity and design, many people who love basketball shoes often look for the previous generations. The following article will review 5 generations of the most beautiful Air Jordan shoes you should buy at the moment.

Air Jordan 12

First released in 1996, the Air Jordan 12 has had distinct effects compared to previous generations. The novel design is said to be inspired by women’s boots. The upper upper applies an asymmetrical design, giving one a feeling of rebellion, and the use of lizard skin makes the upper part more sturdy.

The Jordan 12 was also the first sneaker in the Jordan line to use an Air sole. This new type of air cushion has elastic fibers implanted in it, so it has the advantage of comfort and responsiveness. However, the slightly thicker 12th-generation midsole also affected the performance of the foot-feeling air cushion to a certain extent, and the later retro version greatly improved this.

The perfectly embodied carbon fiber panel in the previous generation is still in use and the new weave is even more impressive. It’s no exaggeration to say that even if the carbon fiber plank is removed from the Jordan 12’s frame, stability won’t suffer too much because its sole is so stiff and heavy.

Besides, these shoes are available in a variety of colors and simple designs that make these shoes not only suitable for sports, but also easy to wear every day.

Air Jordan 31

For the recent generation of AJ, the Jordan 31 certainly has the most impressive design. The shoe was Ferrari-inspired designer Tate Kuerbis focusing on the combination of speed and high performance, officially launched in July 2016.

The combination of Flyweave high-performance textiles and leather creates texture and fashion, making it the perfect balance between light weight and durability. Along with that is the Zoom Air air cushion that delivers lower center of gravity and faster response speeds, while providing solid cushioning and high support.

The most impressive thing is the 3 logos including Jumpman, Wings and Nike Swoosh that first appeared on the shoe at the same time. In addition, the black and red color scheme celebrates the “banned” story as well as the 30th anniversary of Jordan.

Air Jordan 4

This is the generation in which designer Tinker Hatfield first proposed the concept of the rear heel tab and perfected the design based on a lightweight basketball shoe design concept.

The upper is combined with leather and nylon mesh to reduce weight while improving comfort. The midsole uses a separate sole with Air Sole padding, the shoelace hole and the heel is inspired by the basketball net. The movement is cleverly integrated into the design of the shoe, making the body of the shoe flexible, trendy and luxurious.

It was after the launch of the Air Jordan 4 that the Air Jordan line was really incorporated into the modern cultural dictionary and became a cultural phenomenon.

Air Jordan 11

One of the biggest debates in the AJ series, though, it is also Michael Jordan’s favorite and it has seen his glorious return once more.

Inspired by a lawn mower case, Tinker Hatfield has used exclusive leather first applied to the AJ11. The shoe body is made of mesh fiber, the very same material that significantly reduces the weight of the entire shoe, while effectively preventing deformation or stretching. The midsole uses Air Sole air cushioning and a revolutionary all-fiber carbon sheet, which can effectively suppress sports shoe deformation and respond quickly. It offers a huge breakthrough in performance, and thus sets the precedent for high-end sports shoes with carbon plates like the 12th generation shoe above.

The Air Jordan 11 is not just a classic of the Jordan line, and even the history of basketball shoes. Perhaps we can see this as a segment between old and new basketball shoes. If Air Force 1 and AJ1 are the ancestors of basketball shoes, then AJ 11 is the most important milestone in basketball shoe history.

Air Jordan 1

Why is the first generation ranked first? Because if I am in another position, there will be many sneaker fans who will scold me! In a sense, it doesn’t matter what it is, because its meaning can be considered a myth. Whether it’s High, Mid or Low versions it is out of stock with the best color schemes.

The shape of the Air Jordan 1 shoe was inspired by the Air Force 1, which was prevailing at the time, and at the same time it reduced the thickness of the midsole, reduced weight and increased ground touch.

AJ1 has a high, leather upper body, uses Air Sole cushioning, along with the Wings logo on the heel. As a revolutionary shoe, the Air Jordan 1 was fined large sums of money for violating the tournament uniform dress code at the time, but the ban also made the Air Jordan 1 hotter. ever. Besides, this is also the generation with the most color schemes in the Jordan line.

Hopefully, through this article, you have a more objective assessment of the 5 most valuable Jordan generations at the moment.

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