Benefits Of Eyelash Lift How Long Does It Last?

Wearing seductive eyes is one of the keys to feeling attractive. Take advantage of the benefits of the eyelash lift, if nature has failed you. You will be more convinced by knowing how long it lasts and how simple the technique is. It will be one of your best beauty allies!

Before continuing, it is interesting to differentiate between a permanent or a lash lift. The first of the treatments simply serves to curl the eyelashes. However, in the second there are many more benefits, which we are going to summarize for you. By the way, in both cases, the perfect complement is to finish with an eyelash tint. Your gaze will be the center of all attention!

What Is An Eyelash Lift For?

This technique allows you to show off long and voluminous eyelashes, who can resist! But, in addition, the eyelash lift gives you other benefits of depilatory wax manufacturers, among which its duration stands out, as we tell you:

  • It does not harm your eyelashes. Of course, this is a priority issue. Because it is useless to enjoy dreamy eyes if when its effect wears off, your natural lashes are weaker or damaged.
  • The result of the eyelash lift is totally natural. We like to be as beautiful as possible, but without showing that there is manipulation behind it. With this technique you can stay calm, if it is what you want, the secret of the treatment remains between you and your beautician.
  • A quick, simple and painless system. With the lifting of eyelashes what is done is to lift them from the root. The steps to achieve this are simple: remove make-up from the eye, place the silicone pads, apply the fixing gel and wait 10-15 minutes for it to act.
  • It is effective even with the shortest lashes. Precisely because it stretches the hair from its birth, it manages to increase its length even when the lashes are small.
  • With the eyelash lift you save time and money. We have already talked about its speed, now we have to remind you that you will not need to use mascara or its consequent make-up remover for a long time. Add to that, since hairpieces are not used, their price is lower than that of other similar techniques.

A Long-Lasting Treatment

If you still have doubts about the advantages of the eyelash lift, this is the detail that will convince you. As with any aesthetic treatment, the effects can always vary depending on the individual characteristics of each person. In general terms, your results remain flawless between 5 and 8 weeks.

To give you a clearer idea, it all depends on the growth speed of your eyelashes. Typically, it takes about 90 days, more than two months, to complete this hair growth cycle. And during all that time, you don’t have to do the slightest touch-up!