Know Everything about Rigid Boxes Manufacturer in India

Every item that you purchase these days is available in proper packaging. There are different types of packaging material available depending on the client’s requirement as well as the product which is being stored and transported. One of the most popular options available that are widely used is a rigid box.

Rigid boxes are made of sturdy paperboard which is then overlaid with printed or decorated paper, fabric, leather, or other embellishments. Rigid boxes used for products can be simply printed with the desired essential information apart from protecting the product from damage. However, these days, you get all sorts of beautiful and elaborately adorned rigid boxes that are recognized as luxury and can help in creating a brand value for the product.

Highlights of rigid boxes         

  • Structural highlights – Rigid boxes are usually larger than folding cartons and are unable to fold flat like cartons. There are several Rigid Boxes Manufacturers in Delhi India that provide you rigid boxes in uniquely customized shapes and sizes with a wide array of graphics. You can get textured paper, exotic printed designs, or foil designs to make it more visually appealing.
  • Cost highlights – Depending on your requirements, the rigid boxes can cost you a varying amount. Rigid boxes for jewelryand electronics are designed to impress the clients and therefore might cost more than those for toothpaste. Moreover, if you are looking for creating a brand value for your product, you would invest in a product that is more durable and attractive.
  • Assembling highlights – Unlike cartons which can be folded and need time to assemble them, rigid boxes cannot be folded and thus, can be assembled easily without using much manpower. Even the tool cost for rigid boxes is less than those required for cartons. Most rigid boxes have either detachable lids or embedded magnets which make it easy for people assembling them to fold and reseal them.

What are the advantages of rigid boxes?

If you are looking for the safety of your product while creating a brand image, then nothing beats rigid boxes. The other advantages include:

  1. They are more durable in appearance and substance as the pressed sheets are laminated to a chipboard frame providing them with sturdiness.
  2. Rigid boxes add gravitas to the product as they tend to exude confidence in the quality of the product.

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