Gucci opens Tmall’s official store

Gucci announced that it will open its official flagship store on Tmall on December 21 and will open on January 12th. Gucci’s official flagship store on Tmall is an e-commerce platform. The brand-new official follows the official Gucci website ( and the WeChat app. Gucci’s first official flagship store on Tmall full selection of fashion boutiques from selected brands, including handbags, leather goods, shoes, ready-made apparel, accessories, watch jewelry , etc. and the official Gucci Beauty flagship store on Tmall will also be held online in February 2021. As the first fashion boutique brand to launch a full chain on the Tmall platform, Gucci is inspired by from her iconic diverse aesthetic style to creating a range of exclusive online shopping experiences for customers.

To celebrate the opening of the official Gucci flagship store on Tmall, today, Gucci held a “New Chinese Product Consumption Ceremony 2021” event in Tmall’s small black box. . Handbag, upcoming GG Denim series, and floral collaboration series by American artist Ken Scott, showcasing diverse attitudes and modern style in realistic and surreal scenes.

Based on Tmall’s knowledge and insights into Chinese consumers on its platform, Gucci has selected hundreds of classic brands, including the most famous Dionysus Bacchus handbags, line handbags. GG Marmont is decorated with quilted quilted leather and Gucci Horsebit 1955 line handbags.

To create a unique online shopping experience, Gucci launched the exclusive online virtual show Gucci Garden at its official flagship store. Designed by creative director Alessandro Michele, the virtual exhibition immerses deeply in the brand culture and aesthetic visions that keep pace with the times, making guests feel like they are at Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence, discover Gucci is through time and unique brand history. The online virtual exhibition helps customers better understand the main historical context of the brand over the years and experience the comprehensive design concepts of Alexandro Micheli.

At the same time, Gucci [] also provides on-demand greeting card services to customers in Tmall’s official flagship store. In addition, Gucci will also gradually launch new packaging designs on the Tmall platform, cartons, paper bags, dust bags, … made from sustainable materials will be embossed with decorative motifs. green, represents the brand’s sustainable vision.

With the rapid rise of online channels and the power of young Chinese consumers, demand for fashion clothing, watches, glasses, shoes and other categories on Tmall has increased significantly. tell. A safe and reliable eco-environment and a seamless consumer experience for Tmall’s premium products will help Gucci further improve the digital ecosystem that has grown in China over the past few years, at the same time to provide Chinese consumers with a more convenient and comprehensive digital brand experience.

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