Five public speaking tactics to help connect with your audience

When we are giving a speech or presentation the most important thing we should keep in mind is to engage our audience effectively so that we can deliver our points effectively. The speeches are not like editorials or newsletters and are more likely to fleet away once we have said everything. We do not get another chance to make our voice heard in that specific arena again.

Therefore, it is of much importance that not only what message we give but above it how we make our audience feels and how they connect with us. Hence we should connect with our audience not by just words but by emotions and not make them listen to our message we have to give but let them feel it. So here are Five Public Speaking tactics To Help Connect with Your Audience.

Connecting them with each other:

It is a crucial component of public speaking to keep everything going in the moment and not letting go of public attention. One of the best ways is to bring them back at the moment and not let our audiences mind wander. For this, we can do something which is practiced in many rock concerts where the singers yell at the top of their voice and say “Hello (Addressing city name)!” which is powerful enough to get everyone in audience go wild and get into the show. This is because appeals to the audience’s sense of belonging and making them feel that they’re a part of something bigger. We can do the same to connect with the audience in a better way by starting with saying that, “You’re all here because you are deeply touched by(whatever the issue is) and proceeding with our speech. This will not only help us connect with the audience but will connect them as like-minded people who have gathered there.

Connect with their emotions:

As a speaker, we should always appreciate that for us humans emotions prevails logic and whatever the topic we might be speaking on we should be able to connect emotionally with our audiences. we can achieve this in a variety of ways such as by putting to use statistics, stories, videos or pictures that emphasizes on the importance of the topic we are discussing.

Tell them the benefits of the presentation:

At the very beginning of our speech, we should tell our audience that what is the new thing today they are going to learn and exactly how they are going to learn it. As it will be absurd to think that audience will listen to us if without having a clear-cut idea about what they are going to learn at the end of our presentation. When we will make it clear at the very beginning of a presentation they will know why to listen and for what to listen moreover, they will be engaged throughout our speech actively so that they do not miss on anything.

Entertain them:

While we can’t make all our speeches or presentations full of entertainment and fun in a comic way. Our audiences will appreciate and be totally engaged in our anecdotes and stories. Which they can relate with throughout the speech as we have seen about appealing to their emotions that’s exactly what we can do entertainingly by narrating a story from past or offering them a story of a well-known historical figure to emphasize on our points.

Appeal to loyalty:

In a way how musicians address the town and appeal to the audience in name of love or loyalty when they are playing on stage. we can do so too as a speaker, appealing to the loyalty of the audience to a number of things such as the country or a cause they are there for or for some product or company by doing so we can portray how much of the present matter and when we will do so, it will make them feel that we are speaking to them directly and they will feel connected.


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